Podcast y Cuba.


Is the internet broken?

And has the utopian 90s net been replaced by digital feudalism, where a few powerful entities wield control over all of us digital serfs?

This ask did Jordan Erica Webber looks at internet-enabled dystopia, and how even the technology designed to do good can end up causing harm.

The way of Facebook or Google used of data are broken Internet or not. How we could understand this from Cuba, one the country less connectedin the world. But at the same time Cubans Facebook users increases more than 360% from 2014 to 2018 and Google are the number one search option in Alexa ranking from Cuba.

Last week I ask this question to a group of Cubans artist and IT professionals and this perspective about it are so far away like the lights “El Moro” saw in the US. They need fist stay on line…

I ask him about the Cuban podcast communities and no one know or used podcast to make art, consumer information or communicated they point of view.

Make podcast are easy and ship up load to the internet.

So, I wish shared this podcast with you and know how does the nature of trust change when it’s algorithms we’re relying on? And what does China’s social credit system – in which your accountability is graded not just on your own actions, but also those of your friends – tell us about our own society?

In this one Jordan Erica Webber speak withRachel Botsman, author of Who Can You Trust?and to Luciano Floridi, professor of philosophy and ethics of information at the University of Oxford.

Please download here this one and know work the podcast communities in the world to make a better place to dream and life.

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